Dental x-ray

Routine Dental Check-up

  • Our workflow- 

 - Schedule an appointment ( flexible appointment hours)

 - No waiting time in reception area

 - Check- up under all precautions and X-rays (if necessary)

 - Treatment options and discussion

 - Flexible treatment appointments

  • We suggest a routine dental check-up every 6 months. This will keep the developing cavities in check and will also reduce emergency appointments.

  • With specialist's opinion get the best and customised treatment plan that suits your needs.

Dentist Appointment

Dental Implants

  • Best option to replace missing tooth/teeth are dental implants

  • Our dental implants:

                Supports and provides strong foundation

                Stabilizes other natural teeth

                Looks perfectly natural

                Supports natural chewing function

  • Smile with pride on any occasion

  • The benefits of durable restorations motivate patients to get dental implants. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your smile


Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction is a process where we rebuild all the teeth that have been worn down through the years of grinding and clenching of jaws and/or other destructive processes. 

  • We believe in providing proper function and stability with harmonious smile which is executed by efficient treatment planning.

Veneers/ Cosmetic Dentistry

Need a smile transformation? 

  • Your smile is the first thing anyone notices about you.

  • At ODS we provide state of the art excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

  • Our Moto is "maximum conservation = maximum results"

  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures includes : 

  1. Teeth Whitening

  2. Porcelain Veneers

  3. Tooth coloured fillings

  4. Gum recontouring

Female white toothy smile

Orthodontic Treatment

  • Gaps? Uneven teeth? Deep bite? Open bite? 

  • With technological advancements in treatments, braces are now easier to maintain, require fewer number of appointments and are relatively painfree.

  • A commonly asked question is, what is the age limit to get braces?

  • We believe in 'Orthodontics for all' as far as  bone condition is sound.

  • With wide range of options in types of braces, teeth straightening is now comfortable

Types of braces

  • Metal Braces are traditional metallic brackets but with newer advancements which are smaller in size, more comfortable and easier to maintain.

  • Ceramic or tooth coloured braces are an option for those who want improved aesthetics on smiling along with comfort and ease.

  • Self ligating braces are the most advanced type of brackets that allow self engagement of wire into the bracket (Increased patient comfort and easier to clean )


General Dentistry


  • We provide all dental treatments at ODS with utmost care and precision and in minimum possible appointments.

  • Some of the commonly done procedures include -

  1. Root Canal Treatment 

  2. Tooth Removals ( Incuding 3rd Molars)

  3. Tooth Coloured Fillings

  4. Scaling and polishings

  5. Crowns and Bridges

  6. Removable Dentures

  7. Kids dentistry (By a Specialist Doctor)

  8. And, everything that you need!