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What is Cosmetic Dentistry????

Cosmetic dentistry deals with smile enhancement of patient, which includes teeth cleaning, teeth bleaching, ceramic veneers, composite fillings, dental crowns and bridges.

  1. Teeth cleaning- Professional cleaning of teeth every six months can help maintain the health of gums and teeth

  2. Teeth bleaching- Teeth Bleaching is a treatment which enhances and brightens the teeth.

  3. Ceramic veneers- veneers or laminates are shells of ceramic material used to correct the size, shape and colour of teeth. Smile designing helps our patients get their dream smile by ceramic veneers.

  4. Composite fillings- Composite restoration is a type of material which is used to fill the cavity in tooth. It is the most aesthetic looking filling which conserves the natural tooth structure.

  5. Dental crowns and bridges- Crowns are preferred treatment for strengthening the remaining tooth structure. Dental Bridges helps in replacing the missing tooth with the help of adjacent teeth.

We, at Orion Dental Specialities are dedicated towards smile enhancement for our patient with guaranteed patient satisfaction.

Book an appointment to know more about your smile potential!

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