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Invisalign Clear Aligners®, do they really work? [Invisalign cost Pune]

Invisalign Clear Aligners has been a topic of discussion in the teens and adults these days who are willing to upgrade their smile and better their oral health with straighter and beautiful teeth.

Let's understand why is it necessary to have straighter teeth.

1) Crooked teeth are difficult to clean and thus lead to stuck food particles leading to bad breath and gum diseases.

2) Gum problems if worsened, can lead to loose teeth and early loss of teeth!

3) Bite problems like deep bite can lead to premature wear of teeth leading to sensitivity and additional dental procedures costing even more later.

4) Open bite can cause problems with speech and difficulty in pronunciation of letters like 's', 'f', etc.

5) Forwardly places teeth are more prone to trauma as they are hit first in any accidental falls.

6) Forwardly placed teeth can also pose as an aesthetic problems for some patients.

7) Gaps between teeth - these are particularly difficult to maintain as they lodge food particles which can cause further complication like gum infection from plaque and calculus depositions.


Now that we know the problems with not treating malocclusions, lets learn how the Invisalign process is and works for the patient (you).

1) The doctor makes a suggestion if the system can be used in your case.

2) A scan is done of your teeth (so no yucky paste impressions!)

3) The scan is sent to The Uniter States (California) where your doctor sends a treatment plan for you digitally.

4) A series of aligners are then fabricated with incremental changes to correct your teeth eventually ( as shown in the video above).

5) The aligners are shipped to us and are ready for the patient to receive them.

6) We schedule an appointment with the patient and give the patient the aligners.

The patient is shown how to wear and remove the aligners. How to clean them and when to change to the next set.

The approximate set change time is 7-10 days.

7) Very less follow up appointments are needed with clear aligners!

Call us on 9975896327 to book your appointment and get 10,000/- off on your Invisalign Clear Aligners!

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