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Dental implants at Orion Dental Specialities, Kothrud

Q) What are dental implants? Are they safe? Can I undergo dental implant surgery?

These are commonly asked questions by our patients.

A)Here’s our answer,

  • Dental implant is a patient friendly option that permanently replaces missing tooth/teeth, regains the lost function and also helps in maintaining the health of remaining teeth in the oral cavity.

  • They are absolutely safe! Dental implant is made up of titanium which is biologically compatible with human bone. Implant acts as an artificial root over which dental crown in placed.

  • We examine our patients by using diagnostic aids like x-rays, CBCT’s, Clinical check-up etc. to identify if dental implant is the best and suitable option for him/her.

Q) Are dental implants painful?

  1. Dental implant placement is carried out under local anaesthesia and is a relatively painless procedure with only mild discomfort after treatment. It is effectively managed with prescription pain-killers. Our patents go back to their routine day to day activities right after the placement surgery!

Q) Are dental implants permanent?

  1. Yes, definitely!!! It is a permanent treatment option. Once a dental implant is placed it bonds with the bone and acts as a part of your body.

Q) Can dental implant replace multiple missing teeth?

  1. Multiple missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants.

Q) Are dental implants expensive?

  1. We, at Orion Dental Specialities believe in providing premium and quality dental care. These are Titanium made Dental Implants that blend with the bone. Various options are first discussed with the patient according to the patient’s preference. It also depends on the number of implants that the patient needs.

Still have doubts? Please feel free to book an appointment with us for discussion.

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